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Held by China Machinery Technical Development Foundation, Beijing Tuofeng Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Tuofeng Technology) is a technology-based enterprise integrating technology, manufacturing and trade. Since establishment, this company has worked at introducing world-advanced energy-saving and environment-protective technologies, researching, developing, producing and distributing the relevant equipment so as to meet the call for energy efficiency and environmental protection in China.

In 1994, two joint ventures were established in China by Tuofeng Technology and Armstrong International Inc. (USA) In terms of energy-saving technology R&D for steam pipe system, product manufacturing and engineering design, Tuofeng Technology leads the development of energy-saving products and service technologies for steam system all over China.

In the past years Tuofeng Technology has provided all-around system solutions for Chinese enterprises in many industries in the manner of “Turn-Key Project”, technical service and products sale, etc. Especially in the fields of “steam system”, “water system” and “electric system”, Tuofeng Technology helps enterprises to solve problems: energy waste, water waste and low productivity by resorting to its leading process, special technology and equipment, so that they can to the greatest extent reduce consumption cost, save energy and lower exhaust emission.


Following a site investigation and analysis, Tuofeng Technology will provide a system evaluation; formulate a test program with process route on basis of a benefit assessment; provide engineering design and construction management as well as a on-line debugging system and technical training.

Based on the latest feedback, Tuofeng Technology will ensure maintenance of devices and provide plans to update the process consecutively.

With full post-sale service and technical support, Tuofeng Technology will make users free of any worry and help them out by providing considerate diagnosis and renovation.


Quality products are the core of the system solution provided by Tuofeng Technology A combination of introduction, integration and innovation is the driving force behind Tuofeng Technology in pursuit of mutual growth with customers.

Tuofeng Technology owns the fullest range of key products for “Steam Pipe System”, the “strong oxidization and irradiation device” and the relevant water-treatment potions particular to “Industrial Water Treatment” and self-made energy savers covering all product series of “Power Conservation by Motor”, “Power Conservation by Lighting” and “Grid Optimization”.

With the urge to innovate as motivation, Tuofeng Technology has accumulated a lot of experience in product application. Also Tuofeng Technology has provided product users with the best choice to optimize their system and solve their problems.


Over 10 years’ experience in product promotion and engineering application enables us to take a lead around the trade all the time. The long-time cooperation with users enables us to understand the challenges and opportunities encountered by each industry.

With a team of professional technicians, Tuofeng Technology can meet the requirements of individual and market change commencing from the basic characteristics of the industrial system. Meanwhile, it can provide special evaluation, subcontract design and risk assessment for “Steam System”, “Water System” and “Electrical System”. The system solutions have been successfully applied in petroleum, light industry, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, power, electronics, etc.

Excellent communication helps us to stay in good command of market changes. Our many co operations are proving our ambition to seek for mutual growth with customers.

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